How To Clean Your Car Fuel Injectors


Cleaning car fuel injectors is something that many motorists fail to do, especially young people. Many people aren’t taught to take proper care of their vehicle in the first place. It is actually pretty rare to find a motorist that knows how to properly maintain the vehicle.

One easy and specific way to keep your vehicle operating at or near peak performance is to regularly clean your fuel injector system. However, only a very small percentage of drivers clean their fuel injectors regularly as a form of preventative maintenance. Over time, the act of combusting fuel leaves carbon deposits on the injectors, pistons and combustion chambers. This buildup will diminish engine performance and sap fuel efficiency. Regular cleaning will ensure that these deposits are not in your engine depleting the efficiency of your vehicle.

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to use fuel injector cleaners correctly, and also how to use a fuel injection cleaner canister apparatus to get under the hood and deep clean your injectors. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to do this, but you’ll need to be mildly handy – enough to be able to perform the steps properly without damaging the engine in any way. It’s actually quite simple.

Let’s begin!

Simple Step By Step Process For Cleaning Your Fuel Injectors

Supplies Needed:

1. OTC Tools (7448A) Fuel Injection Cleaner Canister

2. 7000A Pro Inject-R Kleen 


3. OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit (Optional, and useful for mechanics with multiple car makes and models to service that each require unique adapters)

Step # 1 – Start your engine and bring it to a normal operating temperature. Then, turn engine and all accessories off. Open the hood and disable the fuel pump either by unplugging it at the fuel tank, or by pulling the fuel pump fuse to disable the ignition system and fuel injectors.

Step # 2 – Turn the 7448 Fuel Injector Cleaner canister shut-off valve to the OFF position by turning it clockwise.

Step # 3 – Unscrew the top of the solvent chamber and apply oil to the O-ring in order to lubricate and preserve the life of the O-Ring itself. If you don’t do this, the O-Ring on the 7448A will wear out with use prematurely.
Also, “clear” the internal portion of the top chamber of the 7448A with an air hose to eject any potential debris that might be present (from shipping/manufacturing) before continuing.

Step # 4 – With the top apparatus of the 7448 removed, pour 7000A Pro Inject-R Kleen into the chamber (be careful not to get ANY debris in it) and then rescrew the top and assembly back on. Hang the 7448 from the top of your hood using the included chain and hook.

Step # 5 – Refer to the Fuel Injection System Specifications Manual #105641 included with the 7448 kit to find your make and model vehicle listing. Different vehicle makes and models have different diagrams and instructions.
Then, use your cars service manual to find your engines exact fuel pressure operating specifications. Also, be sure to block the fuel return line in order to prevent any injector cleaning fluid from going back into the tank.

Step # 6 – Turn the regulator on top of the Fuel Injector Cleaner to the OFF position (counterclockwise). Then, attach a shop air hose to the top of the cleaner container.

Step # 7 – Now adjust the regulator (clockwise) to the fuel running specifications outlined for your vehicle in the manual. Then, open the valve on the bottom of the cleaner container to full OPEN position (counterclockwise).

Step # 8 – Start engine and allow to run at a steady RPM between 1,000 – 1,500. You may adjust the air pressure slightly at this point to ensure the RPM is smooth and not choppy for best injector cleaning results.

Step #9 – Continue running the engine at 1,000-1,500 RPM until the container is empty and the engine stalls. Turn the ignition off and the valve on the bottom of the cleaner to the OFF position (clockwise). Then, disconnect the air supply and turn the full OPEN position (counterclockwise) to release any remaining pressure in the container.

Step # 10 – Remove cleaner container, remove the fuel adapter fitting, connect the fuel line again, remove the block from the fuel return line and reconnect the fuel return line. Then, reconnect the power to the fuel pump. Restart the engine and check for any fuel leaks.

That’s It, You’re Done!

Please keep in mind that the above instructions are just a rough outline of how to use this fuel injector cleaner canister from OTC Tools. In order to ensure you’re using the product 100% correctly, get the help of someone with some good mechanic skills to help you along.

Which Fuel Injector Cleaner Products Actually Work Most Effectively To Add To Your Fuel?

Many of the cheap gas station fuel injector cleaner products you see for sale have little to no actual benefit to an engine. In fact, when people purchase these products at gas stations, add them to their fuel, and expect to see a positive change, they don’t! They then get discouraged and give up on fuel injection treatments altogether, because they’re now convinced fuel injector cleaners as a whole are a useless product.

Red Line Oil makes a great line of fuel injector cleaner products, as does Lucas Oil, and Sea Foam. These three companies are the best of the best, and if you check out their accompanying reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that nearly every reviewer has great things to say about them. Fuel injector cleaner products, when designed using PEA and/or other high quality solvents, are like a miracle in a bottle to the health of engines with dirty injectors.

Performing preventative maintenance on your engine so it performs at its best ensures that your vehicle will be there for the long haul, and that you won’t incur any unnecessary vehicle repair bills that you could have prevented. Regularly using fuel injector cleaners, as well as manually cleaning the injectors themselves, are skills you can use for every vehicle you own. Thanks for reading this how-to article on cleaning your fuel injectors. Check out some fuel injector cleaner reviews on this site for some recommendations on the best cleaners out there.