UltraSonic Fuel Injector Cleaning

Why Clean Fuel Injectors are Important

Fuel injectors play a vital role in the fuel system of your vehicle. They provide a determined amount of fuel into the combustion chamber to be burned, which ultimately translates to mechanical power. Over time, fuel injectors will get dirty and clog. This happens for a few reasons. First, each time the vehicle shuts off, small droplets of fuel are left on the injector nozzle. As the droplets evaporate, residue is left behind, which slowly builds up. Second, the combustion of the fuel leaves behind a carbon deposit. The ‘grunge’ left behind slowly builds up until it starts to impede the injector’s function.

fuel injector nozzle spray pattern

The problems with running your vehicle with inhibited fuel injectors include engine knock or ping, decreased efficiency (leads to lower MPG), cold start problems, engine hang, rough idle, and loss of acceleration and power. Therefore, it is important to routinely clean your fuel system and fuel injectors to prevent the kind of buildup that leads to more complex (and costly) repairs in the future.

How to Clean Fuel Injectors

There are a few different ways to keep your fuel injectors clean. Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (or whenever you change your oil) you can supplement your fuel with an additive that cleans your injectors while you drive around. It is easy and inexpensive to do, and as long as you keep up on this regularly, your injectors will be in good shape for many years. If you don’t keep up on this and you have a vehicle with lots of use (150,000 miles and up), your fuel injectors might need a more invasive deep clean.

What is Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning?

That is where ultrasonic cleaning comes in. Heavy grunge and buildup on fuel injectors won’t get clean with any of the fuel additive formulas on the market today. A more in depth cleaning process is necessary to remove the years and miles of buildup. Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning works by immersing the fuel injectors into a bath of cleaning solution. The instrument sends high frequency sound waves through the solution, which cause small ripples to appear in the bath. The sound waves have microscopic heated air bubbles that travel in their wake and impact on all of the surfaces immersed in the solution. Upon impact, these bubbles act like tiny scrubber brushes that slowly remove the buildup with each impact.

ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning will not only clean the nozzle and outside of the injectors, but if they can be opened up and exposed to the cleaning solution and sound waves, the inside can also be cleaned. Every tiny surface or crack will be cleaned by this process as long as it is exposed. This is a level of cleaning that cannot be achieved with fuel additives, and will bring back your injectors to a like new shine.

What is the Cost for Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Because this type of cleaning process utilizes specialized equipment and cleaning solution, it is not a cheap fix. Most fuel additive cleaners run $5-$10 dollars per treatment. To clean your fuel injectors with an ultrasonic bath, you are looking at $25-$35 per injector (depending on the type of fuel injector plus other services like flow testing, lubing, same day service, etc). If you don’t have a mechanic close to you that offers this service, you can ship your injectors to a company (which will add some cost and require you to remove the injectors beforehand).

Why would you want to have this potentially expensive service performed? The answer is that if you haven’t been performing routine fuel injector cleaning all along, your injectors might be beyond the ability of an additive to clean. You also might only be at 100,000 miles or so and have plenty of life left on your vehicle. Ultrasonic cleaning will bring your fuel injectors back to life, which translates to smoother operation, increased power, and increased fuel efficiency. Cleaning your injectors will cost significantly less than replacing them (upwards of $500 per injector with labor).

If you are looking to have your fuel injectors professionally cleaned by Ultrasonic bath method, here are a few companies that offer the service online.

Injector Rx

WitchHunter Performance

If you are a little handy and interested in doing it yourself, here are some resources to get you started in the right direction.



The Bottom Line

Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning isn’t necessary in all cases. As long as you keep up with routine fuel additive injector cleanings, you shouldn’t have any issues with your injectors. If you haven’t kept up with routine maintenance, depending on how old your vehicle is and how many miles you’ve put on it, it might be necessary to have them cleaned ultrasonically. The warning signs of impeded fuel injectors include rough idling, difficult cold starts, engine knocks and loss of fuel efficiency and power. Keep an eye on these things if you have an older car as it might be time to have your injectors professionally cleaned.

Hopefully this article was helpful to you in your quest to maintain your vehicle. If you are looking for some fuel additive cleaners, check out these reviews. Thanks for reading and good luck!